Sushi Pop Up Dinner

Sushinoma is coming back to our tasting room for a night of spectacular Hawaiian-Asian fare from Jacob Talbert, master sushi chef. Our pop-up dinner last year was a hit and, if this year’s menu is any indication, this year’s dinner will blow your mind.

Tickets are $75 per person ($65 for wine club members), which includes five fresh, innovative courses and plenty of refreshing Kivelstadt wine. Space is limited.


Hog Island Oysters
Yuzu mignonette, sweetie drops and bacon
paired with Wondering Slightly Sparkling

Layered Salad
Seaweed, sunomono, pickled shrimp, avocado, diakon sprouts and jalapeño honey
paired with Mother of Invention Rhône White Blend

Blood Orange Hand Grenades
baked shrimp, nori and spicy aioli
paired with Wayward Son Orange Wine

Hawaiian Albacore Ceviche Tostadas
avocado, jalapeño and crispy wonton
paired with Twice Removed Rosé

Free Flow Roll
salmon, shrimp, avocado, cucumber, asparagus, sunflower sprouts and chili miso sake sauce
paired with The Family Secret Sauvignon Blanc

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